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Vascular Homicide Stim Free Preworkout

  • Amazing Taste & Mixability †
  • Intense Non-Stim Preworkout †
  • Feel The Skin Splitting Pumps †
  • Improve Vascularity & Blood Flow †

Want to boost your performance to an all new level?

Real champs don’t settle. They strive to do better every workout, inching ever closer to their goals and putting their all into each set. But it can be hard to keep up that level of dedicated effort over months or even years.

A good pre-workout can help maximize your potential in the gym, letting you last longer and dominate the competition! We are proud to offer an all-natural formula that can help athletes consistently perform at their best.

Get PUMPED up with Vascular Homicide!

Vascular Homicide not only gives you what you need to smash the weights with greater vigor, it also greatly boosts vascularity. Look incredibly ripped and make your veins pop in an impressive show of physical power! We guarantee that you’ll feel like a beast among livestock.

Add two scoops into your pre-workout shake and see the difference. Our formula includes the amino acid L-Citrulline, which can help reduce fatigue during high intensity training. This blend is also designed to maximize your strength and muscle gains so you get better results with every workout.

Last but not least, Vascular Homicide is a non-stimulating alternative to many other pre-workouts on the market which can leave you feeling restless or jittery. This makes it an ideal choice for late night gym sessions, or if you simply find the effect of stimulants to be very uncomfortable.

What else should you know about our product?

✅  Easy to absorb by the body
✅  Helps boost metabolism for a leaner, stronger body
✅  Zero added fillers
✅  Third-party tested for potency and purity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vascular homicide

Best non stim Pre workout. Perfect for the late nights so I can still get to sleep.

The Best Non Stim

Vascular homicide is the best non-stim preworkout I've tried and I've tried a few. Being a nurse, I work till late and end up training late at night. This product gives me everything i need to send my lifts to the next level without the stimulants to keep me up all night. The pumps can get pretty intense too. I love this product!

Thanks Julie, I'm glad we can fuel all your late night workouts!

Great for night workouts

I'll admit it, I'm a stim junkie and I prefer high stim pre's. But when I'm extra busy and can't lift until the evening/night time I'll use Vascular Homicide instead. Still gives me insane pumps and blood flow without the caffeine.

I'm a still junkie as well, but it's good to take a tolerance break sometimes! That's where the Vascular Homicide will come in handy. Also for the later in the day workouts like you mentioned.

Extreme vascularity

Took two scoops of vh and in less than ten minutes i could already feel fuller biceps and blood flow coursing through the veins also helped me push harder on the bench and bicep curl.


You want a pump then you need to give this a try. You get a pump like no other while, you are in the gym not to mention the vascularity you get.

Thanks Kenneth!

Customer Reviews

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