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Feral Pre


Feral PRE™

Survival of the Fittest

  • Energy & Focus
  • Strength & Power
  • Pump & Vascularity
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Product Description

New Feral PRE: Pure Rage in a Can

Uncage your killer animal instincts with new Feral PRE.  The ultra concentrated preworkout formulated in the Labz to unleash mind altering focus, insatiable frenzied energy, and a blood thirsty drive that keeps the Living alive.

When the world comes to an end, who will survive?  Only the Strong.

Welcome to The End.

Suggested Use: DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Take half serving (1/2 scoop) of Feral PRE mixed with 8-10 fl. oz. of water 30-40 minutes before training. Once tolerance is assessed, take a maximum dose of 1 scoop. DO NOT EXCEED 1 SCOOP PER DAY. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water.

WARNINGS: Not intended for use by persons under age 18. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not consume caffeine or other stimulants from coffee, tea, other dietary supplements or medications. Do not use for more than 8 weeks. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are taking MAOI inhibitors or any other medications. Consult your physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, enlarged prostate or glaucoma. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or shortness of breath. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

9 reviews for Feral Pre

  1. RadelD

    This stuff is insane. I’ve been lifting now for around 5 years and have never had anything like this. It’s honestly funny to watch my friends take it and go absolutely off in their workout. Highly recommend.

  2. Zdeněk

    Probably the best pre I’ve ever had!

  3. Khamphet

    Very well impressive pre workout cant deny the wake up call and motivating state it gets you in thumbs up 10000! Times!!

  4. Cory

    Hey guys, I cycle a lot of pre workouts bc my tolerance to caffiene is insane caonoared to most so figured I’d give this one a try and lay off my other said PWO powders. I always take a scoop and drink itbonbits on and go do something in case my heart rate goes up and and I can’t bare it. Needless to say I was excited, upon opening the contained the cherry bomb colada smelt amazing and tasted even better. While you could just down it I sipped on it like I would on my way to the gym and it was great tasting to the end when I realized I was out and wish I had more. I say on the couch while I waited for it to kick in and I got up and went about my day. It’s crazy how focused I was. I woke up pretty quick and decided I was good and did maintienance for legs and while I don’t squat on these days… decent amount of volume quad wise and lower rep heavy on the glutes. and hams. This stuff is for real. My quads felt like the hulk was about to rip through ! Takes about 1 1/2 hours depending how I felt. Apparently I didn’t rest much bc it took me just a tad over an hour and even an hour after that I could still feel amped. Overall great product compared to my normal said 500mg caffeine PWO

  5. Stealth Harris

    🔥🔥🔥 Best Pre workout by far!!! Makes me excited to go in the gym and lift with some swagger and supreme focus!!! Glad I heard about this……NO B.S.

  6. Drew

    I bought this product recently. I will agree great pump and full of energy. I had a full 2 hour workout with no hesitation. Definitely worth it. I have the cherry bomb colada. Great tasting with no crash. Give it a shot!

  7. John Trujillo

    Woah! This stuff is insane. I felt an increase in strength and motivation I didn’t know was in me. It’s definitely not for beginners. If you’re looking for a pre-workout that will take your gym session to the next level and wage war on chest day, look no further!

    Warning: Just because the dumbbells seem lighter doesn’t mean you can toss them across the gym, lol!

  8. Ph0s

    Honestly outstanding, first off the taste is like a sweet candy. To be straight up, it’s like I’m drinking some kind of watermelon juice from the store, it goes down the throat so smooth. The pump in itself is insane, and how vascular you get is even more insane. This product kept me focused and determined during my workout, and in the end of it I did not even crash. This is a preworkout I’d been searching for, and now I’ve found it. I’d recommend anyone and everyone to try this atleast once, it won’t disappoint you.

  9. Jade Minter

    It’s an absolutely awesome preworkout! I love the pump and how vascular I get after I take it. Also I don’t feel a crash, and it’s very light and refreshing. Out of all the preworkouts i have tried this one is by far my favorite.

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