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Energía quedará al 100%

Muy buena experiencia con este producto al 100% recomendado full energía y buenos resultados

Tastes like a Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

I honestly thought this was going to be a little heavy tasting, maybe too rich as it is Chocolate Fudge Brownie but I was way wrong. I had my 15 year old try it.....he loves chocolate milk but he's really picky. He absolutely loved it said it was better than Wendy's Chocolate Frosty......that's exactly what I thought I just couldn't place it until he said it. Its definitely chocolate but its not dark or heavy. I'll buy again, it is really good.

Balls to the wall

Gains not games with this bad boy! Long days call for feral to get you through any workout!

Next level focus!

Whenever I need to be extra productive I’ll take these in the morning. I feel solid focus and concentration for the whole day and get more done!

Gotta get yo greens!

I take 2 with breakfast to get my day started right. Pills aren’t too big, they’re easy to get down 👌🏽

Much needed for cardio!

I live in Florida so my workouts are usually hot & sweaty! A scoop of this during my workouts definitely helps me keep pushing and feel better afterwards

Awesome Aminos!

I love the flavor! Recovery never tasted so good! Favorite supplement by far!

Whey protein

Excellent quality, great taste, rational collected by nutritions. One of the best protein powder I’ve ever used. Highly recommend this product to amateurs and professional athletes.

Every last drop!

Feral Pre gives me insane focus and energy to power through all of my heavy lifting days!

Vascular homicide

Best non stim Pre workout. Perfect for the late nights so I can still get to sleep.

Feral PRE
Best pre workout

I love Feral! It gives me so much adrenaline before my lifts or CrossFit classes but doesn’t make me jittery. Tastes amazing too 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

Awesome aminos!

Love the tactical aminos! I drink two scoops intra workout to ensure I don’t metabolize muscle while training and to trigger protein synthesis! Strawberry margarita and tear gas tangerine are my two go tos!!

Great protein!

Great tasting and no fillers this protein blend is great mixed with water and drank, mixed with the oats or cream of rice or even mixed with Greek yogurt to make protein Froyo! Protein of champions!

Awesome health supplement!

I use this green supplement every day and I recommend it to all of my clients it’s very easy to take unlike some of the powders out there and helps ensure you get all of your micronutrients in!

Feral Pre results

Still using the pre workout. It really gives me a good boost on energy that lasts for a while. I’m able to concentrate more on my exercises and do them properly. I take my core workouts serious!

Going Green!

I don’t eat like I should because I am always on the run. When I discovered these supplements, I was skeptical. However, I need to let everyone know how amazing these are. I feel more energy and feel better knowing that I’m getting a dose of greens. I’m not a workout nut...just a regular mom trying to stay healthy. Get these! You will feel so much better. They are worth it, hands down. Go green with Tactical Greens.


Benefits of eating vegetables without having to actually eat them, lol. Genius product!

It Works!

This stuff really works!!, you definitely fill a super charge to get though your workout!!

Feral PRE
Drink a lot ot water.

It is a good product. Maybe to much caffeine. Have it 4 star.

Feral PRE

THIS PRODUCT IS UNBELIEVABLE. I'm a stim junkie and can tolerate most pre workout products but this stuff lit me up. I'm warning everyone if you aren't used to powerful pre-workout. Do only half a scoop.

This product will make you feel on top of the world because it contains compounds that also work on the brain leading to that sense of well being and extreme happiness. I call it liquid cocaine in a bottle. I can answer any questions people may have about this product. ORDER IT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Apocalypse Labz is one company that has done their research. I'm a high intensity advocate and this product blew me away. I have already placed an order for 3 more containers because I don't want to run out. I also think this product would be very beneficial to someone with depression.


Very nice

I don’t like to eat my greens but this is a great way to get them. I highly recommend!!

Essential Supplement!

I have been using Tactical Greens for a few months! I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with this supplement. As a IFBB professional athlete fruits and greens are a daily requirement, even more so during a contest prep. At times trying to eat the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables can be challenging and down right mundane. Just knowing that I can get all of my daily requirements from one capsule is amazing! No more powdered greens for me! Tactical Greens is now a part of my supplement regiment and will play a significant role in my training for my IFBB Pro debut!


Appreciate the review Matt, good luck with your IFBB Pro Debut!

The Best Non Stim

Vascular homicide is the best non-stim preworkout I've tried and I've tried a few. Being a nurse, I work till late and end up training late at night. This product gives me everything i need to send my lifts to the next level without the stimulants to keep me up all night. The pumps can get pretty intense too. I love this product!

Thanks Julie, I'm glad we can fuel all your late night workouts!

Good stuff

I did a 22 for 22 and was able to move really well the next day. And even if it doesn’t do everything they claim it tastes great.

Thanks Jim, nice work on knocking out that 22 for 22!

Feel The RAIN!

Man, I can’t say enough good things about Acid Rain! From the very first sip you know it’s gonna be good, tastes like candy and starts to hit within minutes. This stuff is extremely strong so be careful and start with half a scoop, don't be like me thinking I’ll just full scoop it from the get go, otherwise you’re going to be a cracked out sweaty mess! One of my top 3 fat burners of all time next to OxyElite Pro and The Original Hydroxycut!! Great job guys!! (P.S. I’m a little hyped up on it right now hahaha)

Haha, Acid Rain will definitely get you hyped up! Thanks for that in depth review Cliff!


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