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December 16, 2020 2 min read

Analyzing Each Main Type of Meat

You might mistakenly believe that meat is meat. However, depending upon your choice, there are types of maeat that are higher in protein, have more or fewer calories per ounce, and have less fat content as well. Here is a brief guide to follow when deciding what you want to have for dinner tonight.


Chicken seems like the meat of choice for those interested in packing on muscle and getting plenty of protein. Chicken is from the poultry family and classified as white meat. It is inexpensive and can be presented in a variety of different ways. Plus, there is less fat and calories per ounce when compared to other meats, but it still has the same amount of protein as the rest. If you are serious about putting on muscle, eating chicken a couple of times a day will help. 



Beef is the red meat of choice for most around the world. It can vary greatly in fat content though, so if you are into health and fitness, try to choose the lean cuts if you can. They will be more expensive, but less fat on the meat means less fat on you. Plus, eating excessive amounts of beef can bring on heart disease and even some types of cancer. It is a good meat to add muscle since it does contain plenty of protein, but don’t just eat beef alone. 



Pork rounds out the big three of meats (along with chicken and beef) and there is a very good chance you eat it in some form at least once a day. Perhaps bacon and sausage in the morning, hot dogs for lunch, or ham at night for dinner? It is high in vitamin B1 and interestingly enough, it is good for cardiac health. Pork is also less expensive than most other meats and can boost the immune system through selenium and zinc. 



Somehow turkey always is squeezed out on prominence when discussing the most popular meats. It is also a type of poultry and while the meat is viewed as drier than chicken, it is packed with protein and contains fewer calories than most meats. It is a perfect choice for those interested in eating healthy.


Lamb and Mutton

If money is not a concern while shopping for groceries, lamb and mutton would be a good choice when searching for meats that provide the most health benefits. But again, it is on the expensive side. Still, lamb chops are quite tasty and are packed with vitamins and minerals.


Keep these tips in mind next time you're at the grocery store, and make sure you're consuming a well balanced diet consisting of all of the necessary macros. If you feel like your diet is lacking enough protein from meats alone, I recommend looking into a high quality protein to help you hit your daily nutrients. Our Weaponized Whey Protein is both high protein and low calorie, so it's an ideal option for those looking to pack on lean muscle.

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