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April 21, 2020 2 min read

If you've had your eye on our new non stimulant pump product, and you're not sure if it's right for you, check out this info to help you decide!

What is it?

Vascular Homicide is a non-stimulant preworkout. Some people prefer this over a non stimulant preworkout for a few different reasons.

  • They don't let the feeling of stimulants, or they try to avoid them
  • They lift later in the day, and don't want to be kept awake afterwards
  • They're taking a break from stimulants to let their tolerance "reset"
  • They want an insane pump, or they like mixing their pre + pump products together for maximum results

If murderous pumps are what you’re after, look no further. Vascular Homicide™ is the future of non-stim preworkouts. Created to increase blood flow, this supplement also provides enough nootropic ingredients to keep you focused throughout your entire workout, and then some.

When should you take it?

Similar to a stimulant preworkout, you should consume this 20-30 minutes before lifting. This gives your body time to absorb the ingredients and lets them kick in. It's great for the early risers to help get their blood flowing, and the late night lifters who don't want to feel wide awake when leaving the gym. Regardless of what time of day you lift, be ready to put the work in. Do not half ass it, period!

What’s in it?

We stuck with the most potent and effective ingredients for this formula. Each ingredient is set to the clinical dose, so you're getting the absolute best dosage in each scoop.

L-Citrulline – 8 grams
Glycerex – 3 grams
Agmatine Sulfate as AGMASS – 1.5 grams
Nitrosigine – 1.5 grams
AlphaSize – 1.2 grams yielding 0.6 grams
S7 – 0.2 grams

What's It Taste Like?

We tested dozens of different flavors for this product before we found the perfect, balanced one; Rainbow Sherbert.

It's a little more mild than some of our other flavors, but to make it stronger you can use a little less water. It's a blend of some various fruit flavors, and tastes almost identical to the sherbert you can find at an ice cream shop.

We have some other flavors coming out this year and yes, we will take your suggestions.! Please email us with any you may have.  Some people may argue the spelling of the word “Sherbet”.  Without the “R”, it should be sherbette, so don’t be that person.

 Order Vascular Homicide Here


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