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March 31, 2020 2 min read

You may have those home workouts in check, but how's the diet looking? I know it's tricky when you have limited options at the grocery store, so we compiled a list of quick tips to help you eat clean.

It can be easy to slip and hit up a drive through, but taking the extra time to make food at home will help keep you feeling great! It’s also key to stick to a healthy diet to keep our immune systems stronger than ever. Here’s some of the best tips from our staff and Apocalypse Athletes to help you eat clean.

Make a plan - take only what you need

Don't overstock and end up throwing out half of your groceries. Plan out your meals in advance, get only the ingredients you need, and don't be tempted by the cookie BOGO's.

Be strategic about the use of ingredients

Start off in the fresh produce section, and make your way to the frozen fruits and veggies if needed. They might not have your ideal meat of choice, but I'm sure there's a close backup, or a frozen alternative you can thaw out at home.

Prepare home-cooked meals

Make this fun! It can be a great time to get the whole family involved and away from their phones. If you have kids, take the time to explain to them the benefits of eating healthy as well.

Be aware of portion sizes

If you don't have a scale at home to weigh out your food, you can always use a measuring cup instead. Read the supplement facts to see what a serving is, and calculate your meals accordingly.

Limit your salt intake

Avoid the overly processed foods to help yourself follow this rule. A lot of soups or prepackaged meals may seem healthy, but they're packed with sodium!

Limit your sugar intake

This is especially true for "added sugars". Read the supplement facts to see if your sugars are naturally occurring (like it fruit) or if they've been added in by the manufacturer.

Stay hydrated

This is an easy one! You may not want to carry around a gallon of water at work, but you've got no excuse at home (especially when the bathroom is only a few steps away). Water is your friend!



Follow this tips to help you maintain your diet while you're stuck in quarantine. And don't forget we have the Tactical Greens and Weaponized Whey to help you stay on track as well!


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