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August 25, 2020 4 min read

The supplement industry is constantly looking for new and improved ingredients for “pump chasing” to improve workouts. One recently created and clinically researched product is known simply as "S7", which provides several benefits you may wish to know about deriving from plants.

Since this ingredient is derived from plants, it really can help with producing that pump you're craving. A big reason why is because your body recognizes natural sources, and will digest them better.

Take a look and see for yourself why S7 is something to consider investing in for your muscle-building needs.


What is S7?

This is a plant-based supplement that contains seven ingredients that work together to improve your nitric oxide (N.O.) levels. These ingredients are:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Colorless Turmeric Extract
  • Tart Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Broccoli
  • Kale

You can see that you probably recognize most or all of these ingredients, but when combined together equaling a 50mg dosage, you get a solid muscular pump for your training and recovery process.

S7 has been clinically proven to work with multiple age levels by increasing your N.O. up to 230%, and the placebo group during the study showed no significant changes.

What does that mean? When the group using the supplement/ingredient sees results significantly more than then placebo group, this generally means you can believe it will honestly work.


Benefits of Using S7

Getting an awesome pump for your workout sounds promising, which is having the aesthetic appearance of your muscles being larger and veins creating a little roadmap throughout your body. However, that simply is not a good enough reason to consume a supplement.

Muscle “pumps” come from the nitric oxide being enhanced within, which dilates your blood vessels allowing them to relax and increase oxygen-rich blood flow containing nutrients.

Having more nutrients in the bloodstream means that your muscles will take longer to fatigue, thus improving your performance and ability to train harder.

One of the most important phases for strength and muscle development is the recovery process. This is the ability of nutrients to reach your muscles during protein synthesis. Muscle growth is almost impossible without enough protein making its way to your muscles following a workout.

Improved blood flow makes this process much smoother for you, but not without assistance from having a proper diet.


What Makes S7 Different From Other N.O. Supplements?

Nitric oxide boosting supplements haved been used in the bodybuilding and fitness industries for years. They have been around for several decades and routinely used with little worry of negative side effects. However, S7 is different from other products because it naturally increases your N.O. levels.

Similar products use nitrates to boost these levels from an external source, which means the body is not naturally capable of reaching those levels on its own. S7 naturally doing this allows the body to create the nitric oxide internally and on its own from the plants chosen.

The end result is a cleaner way to improve your performance and recovery. Plant-based products are making a full swing within the fitness community ranging from BCAA’s, protein powder, and even testosterone boosting supplements.


S7 Plays Well With Others

Boosting your N.O. is already pretty nice, but S7 actually works well when mixed with other similar products such as citrulline, agmatine sulfate, glycerol powder, and nitrosigine.

You can easily use a supplement of this nature for all phases of your workout needs i.e. pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout as well.

  • Pre-Workout: S7 will improve your confidence to lift with the muscle fullness and may even stop the early effects of fatigue for those performing HIIT-like programs.
  • Intra Workout: Intra is basically when you consume the product during the middle of your workout. This is common for those that train longer than 90 minutes. Taking this mid-workout helps reduce fatigue that is starting to occur from your efforts.
  • Post Workout:Using S7 at the end of your workout is to assist with recovery only and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that occurs hours or even days later.

The wide range of benefits of S7 makes it well worth looking into, and you'll soon see it as a major player for many supplements in the near future.

The study mentioned previously was from using only S7, so just imagine those pumps when you pair it with other powerful ingredients.


The Bottom Line for S7

This isn’t to overhype something new coming out. Everyone’s body interacts with supplements differently, and there is no guarantee this will be the best ingredient for you. However, being natural and plant-based with scientific backing makes S7 worth trying for your training program.

Results generally vary due to diet and exercise programming that has to be properly executed for supplements to work in your favor. Want a solid muscle pump with the opportunity to build muscle? Then check out our supplements containing S7!


S7 Can Be Found In:

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