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June 10, 2020 2 min read

Any nutritionist would tell you it’s important to understand- or at least be able to pronounce- the ingredients you’re putting into your body. When it comes to supplements, don’t be intimidated by the list of words you haven’t seen since high school chemistry class. Let us bring some meaning to the components…

If you’re prioritizing fat burn, or have any interest in being as lean as possible (which, considering you’re on this site, should be a given) Alpha-Yohimbine is a name to look for.


Alpha-Yohimbine is also known as (and sometimes listed as) Rauwolscine, but should not be confused with its less potent structural relative Yohimbine. It is a molecule derived from the Pausinystalia johimbeplant, and in the body, it blocks cellular components called alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. When activated, these receptors slow down sympathetic “fight or flight” activity in the body, such as heart rate. What does this mean? Well, when Alpha-Yohimbine enters the playing field and blocks these receptors from being activated, the body is primed for expending energy and producing effects that go along with the sympathetic/fight or flight state. Heart rate can increase, stored fat is turned to energy, and new fat is prevented from forming. In simpler terms, Alpha-Yohimbine is, as we mentioned, one of the go-to ingredients for burning fat!

Not only does Alpha-Yohimbine help burn fat, it also a stimulatory mood elevator and may be beneficial to sexual health.


Apocalypse Labz products use Alpha-Yohimbine 98%. The 98% refers to chemical purity and happens to be the strongest available option on the market. A lesser purity translates to lesser quality… and low quality Alpha-Yohimbine can cause negative effects such headache, excessive sweating, and feelings of anxiety or “the jitters.” When other brands don’t include that magic number next to the name on their ingredient list, think of us, and maybe think of making the best choice for yourself.


You can find Alpha Yohimbine in these products:

Acid Rain Powder - Thermogenic Fat Burner

Feral Preworkout - High Stim Preworkout

Acid Rain Capsules- Intense Fat Burning Pills 



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