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September 03, 2020 3 min read

High Stim Vs Non Stim Preworkout Supplements

The supplement industry has gotten pretty good at catering to different needs as much as possible. Preworkout supplements are one of the most popular of them all. Do you want lasting energy, pushing your body too its limits, or do you simply just need focus and pumps?

There are a few different types of preworkouts that can be chosen for your workout needs. The two we're covering in this article are high stim and non stim preworkouts to improve your training. There are some distinct differences between the two that you should consider when choosing which option is best for you.


What is a High Stim Supplement?

A "stim" simply refers to a stimulant in short, which is an ingredient that improves your energy levels through affecting your cardiovascular system.

Two common and proven to be effective stimulants are caffeine and yohimbine, which work synergistically together to increase your energy to help you train harder and longer. When a preworkout is referred to as "high stim", it means there is a higher dosage than the average preworkout.

For example, a generic preworkout will contain 150-200mg of caffeine, while a high stim contains 300mg or more per serving. Having a larger dosage definitely means a more intense workout, and many will need this as their body gets used to the effects of caffeine.

High stim preworkout supplements provide focus, endurance, and strength increases for longer durations, which is perfect if you prefer training for over an hour.


High Stim Feral Preworkout

Uncage the beast in you with our Feral Preworkout flowing through your body. This stim-based preworkout contains proven ingredients to help throw weights around. You would want to consume this if you are planning to train harder and push through failure.

Feral contains both high-quality caffeine and 98% pure alpha yohimbine, which means better absorption for the effects to kick in at maximum potency. You will also have an extreme focus that promotes tunnel vision to stay on task with ingredients such as Huperzine-A and DMAE.

However, due to its extreme ability to provide energy, you wouldn’t want to consume this if training in the evening time. You may experience issues with getting enough sleep to recover and grow properly. This is one of the reasons why non-stim preworkouts exist.


What is a Non Stim Preworkout?

Non-stim preworkouts are formulated different so there are no ingredients such as caffeine in the supplement, which is good for times when you don’t need an energy rush especially at night. Many actually prefer this type of product because they don’t want to rely on having caffeine to do their workouts.

So, then the question is what is being used to enhance your performance? Non-stim supplements are sometimes called pump products because they focus on increasing your nitric oxide levels (N.O.).

This “pump” you experience makes the muscles appear fuller and veins more vascular.

Aside from just the physical appearance change, you have better endurance to train longer with reduced fatigue, and the ability to recover better following the workout due to increased blood flow carrying nutrients. Non-stim preworkouts also improve focus to stay focused even without caffeine.


Non-Stim Preworkout Vascular Homicide

Vascular homicide is packed full of well-known ingredients for inducing insane muscle pumps, along with a few ingredients that are newer to the fitness industry. The most common being l-citrulline at 8 grams per serving, which is the recommended daily amount for full effects to be noticed.

AGMASS (agmatine sulfate) and Glycerex (glycerol) both have been found to be highly effective with improving nitric oxide levels, and the quality of these ingredients makes it even better for absorption.

AlphaSize and S7 are the two newer ingredients that have proven clinical studies for effectiveness. S7 was shown to work great at 50mg a serving, and in Vascular Homicide you receive a whopping 200mg instead. The entire mixture makes this non-stim preworkout well worth giving a try.


Choose Your Preworkout and Make Those Gains

Either of the types of preworkouts will work for you, but if you prefer a lot of caffeine for your training then a stim-based product would be best. However, as time passes you should consider using a non stim preworkout for a couple of weeks to not have a lot of reliance on caffeine.

Both of these promote enhanced endurance, mental clarity and focus, plus enable you to recover more effectively. All this ends up giving you the ability to develop muscle and strength through harder workouts.





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