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June 17, 2020 3 min read

EAAs and BCAAs- What are they?

BCAA's and EAA's

If you can think back to your high school biology class, you might remember there are 20 amino acids that link together to form polypeptide chains- which are the basic building blocks of protein. The body metabolizes protein by breaking it down into its basic amino acids, which are then used in almost every biological function you could think of... generating neurotransmitters to help nerve messages reach their destination, regulating the immune system, regulating sleep, controlling appetite, producing hormones, and synthesizing new tissue including muscle. One might say they sound essential…


Our body can produce 11 of the 20 necessary amino acids on its own. The other 9 are called the Essential Amino Acids, or EAAs:


  1. Lysine: builds muscle and maintains bone strength
  2. Histidine: important for blood cells, immune health, and reproductive health
  3. Threonine: keeps skin and teeth healthy
  4. Methionine: keeps hair, teeth, and nails strong
  5. Valine: important for focus, coordination, and sleep
  6. Isoleucine: aids hormone production, blood sugar regulation, and muscle tissue preservation
  7. Leucine: maintains and repairs muscle and bone tissue
  8. Phenylalanine: helps the body utilize other amino acids and proteins
  9. Tryptophan: is the basic building block of melatonin and serotonin, regulating sleep and mood


These 9 EAAs cannot be produced by the body, so they must be obtained by ingestion, aka through our diet. You can get your EAAs from food, but if your diet is not supplying enough of the EAAs, your body will suffer the consequences. That’s where supplements come in. Just like in the case of protein powder, EAA supplements provide a concentrated dose of the amino acids you need to thrive. EAA supplements have been linked to improved mood, reduced soreness, improved sleep, faster muscle recovery, and better exercise performance because of the beneficial regulatory roles of amino acids. 


The other amino acids you'll hear about are BCAA supplements. The Branched Chained Amino Acids (‘branched’ referring to their chemical side groups) include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three amino acids are more specifically responsible for promoting anabolic pathways. In other words, they promote muscle build-up (mass) and prevent fatigue. Leucine, in particular, has been shown to reduce fat mass gain.


When looking for an amino acid supplement, it’s best to take one with both EAAs and BCAAs so you're getting the full recovery and health benefits. Our Tactical Amino's offer a full spectrum of both Essential Amino Acids and Branch Chain Amino Acids, so you're getting a complete formula in one tub.

An added bonus: they're delicious! I like to mix a half scoop with water 2-3 times a day. This helps switch things up from plain on old water and keeps me hydrated.

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Tactical Aminos - Essential Amino Acids and Branch Chain Amino Acids 














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